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OFLO system

OFLO System is a communication solution that empowers frontline staff with the power of computing, increasing their productivity, efficiency, and engagement.
Discreet voice and gesture-based devices offer the most optimal front-line staff experience. Maintain the situational awareness necessary for guest interactions and workplace safety.

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ForTeam App provide a real-time push-to-talk communication platform to connect and manage desk-less teams activities. Available on any smart devices, including existing smartphones and desktop

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Capture team activity and voice data insights to anticipate guest needs and improved overall staff performance.

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Enterprise Enabled Communication
From your guest-facing deskless teams to back office coordinators, OFLO enables voice communication, voice-to-text and text-to-voice interactions, tailored for each user’s job demands.

Voice Data Insights
Upgrade your existing legacy voice-only communication to OFLO and capture valuable voice data. Enable leaders to have clearer visibility of day-to-day frontline operations, and coordinate more effectively behind the scenes.

Workflow Automation
Enterprise-ready voice assistant connects desk-less staff with dispatcher and IoT devices at the workplace. Get live alerts for greater productivity and streamlined operations.

oflo for all

Adaptable for a wide range of industries, oflo helps your staff stay focused on who is in front of them, whether they're called customers, guests, or passengers.
Deliver five-star guest services. From reception to hospitality, OFLO allows teams to coordinate swiftly and efficiently.
Know your traveler. Equipped staff with relevant passenger information for the ultimate hassle-free journey.
Warehouse Management
Minimize staff downtime. Communicate tasks and ad hoc changes safely and speedily with less back and forth time.
Food & Beverage
Improve guest table turnaround time. Reduce idle time spent during and between services, regulate orders faster, and get immediate alerts for a more connected store.
Event Management
Enhance event coordination through reducing time spent on repetitive processes.
Connect sales associates to the information they need, no matter where they are on the shop floor. Reduce potential oversight and allow associates to focus on serving the shoppers best.
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