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Our Journey: From Smart Ring to the Enterprise Platform

Our team started with the brightest minds in Hong Kong. We were small, but inspired by the visually impaired, we claimed our north star: the next interface that enables people to connect to the digital world without screens. 

We started off in the consumer market, launching ORII the world’s first voice-powered ring in 2017 on a crowdfunding platform which took off overnight. ORII’s demand from around the world drove us to roll out in 20 markets from the get go. 

What was interesting, is how even though we developed ORII with the consumers in mind, we also garnered a lot of interests from enterprises who wanted to use ORII as a communication tool for their teams. Initially, all they wanted was something that was screen-free, stylish and lightweight, but we soon discovered they were looking for something greater than that. 

As we began exploring the enterprise space through trials with ORII for hospitality teams, we found that it had its share of shortcomings. From not being hands-free to dealing with noisy environments to battery issues, we knew that the ring wasn’t going to address the needs of frontline teams. And as much as addressing the need for frontline teams is important, we discovered a bigger opportunity for organizations is the potential of bringing their frontline workforce online. ORII then served as our way into the enterprise space and helped us realise just how isolated frontline teams are, and how this lost opportunity means to businesses.

Leveraging Origami Labs’ expertise in the screen-free interface territory allows us to effectively equip frontline teams with a superior device that helps them tackle their day to day job better, OFLO. Our design philosophy around the screen-free interface has always been about its linkage with the inevitable visual-based world. Hence, OFLO is more than a mere walkie talkie replacement, but rather, a solution that improves the efficiency of team collaboration. By creating a unifying communication software that is tailored for frontlines, we are able to close in the loop of what it takes to bridge frontline and back office teams’ communication.

Now with the OFLO platform ready for piloting, we have already begun trial deployments in the hospitality and property management, among others. With more visibility and access to a whole new set of data of their frontline teams, we have begun our journey to unveil the true value that the OFLO system has to offer. From performance optimisation to documenting critical dialogues to workflow automation, we are now on a journey to explore the potential of OFLO for enterprises and just how much more impact OFLO can bring by bridging the frontline workforce with the rest of the organisation.

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