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Hotel Management: Origami Labs Launches Visual-Free Mobile Computing

Wearable technology maker Origami Labs introduces the next generation of visual-free mobile computing with Oflo, an open-ear, visual-less, gesture- and voice-based interface. Oflo advances Origami Labs’s screen-free vision. 

Inspired by the founder’s visually impaired father, Origami Labs’s team first experimented with ways in making interacting with phones screen-free and launched Orii in 2017. Orii is a voice assistant ring that combines bone conduction and voice assistant, allowing the user to control their devices screen-free. 

Following Orii’s success, Origami Labs is previewing its next-gen product, Oflo. Oflo is built on the belief that businesses can leverage the same idea, using gesture- and audio-based technology to increase the team’s efficiency while maintaining discretion and awareness needed for service, the company said.    

Oflo features multichannel team communication, advanced analytics, and available soon, audio logs and instant translation.

By: Esther Hertzfeld

As seen on: Hotel Management