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Link together your Android phones and PCs with instant PTT (push-to-talk). Whether you’re a small business or a small team, OFLO let’s you reimagine how you communicate.
OFLO Pro 30 Free Trial Subscription Includes:
Real-Time Voice Messaging
Voice Message Replay
Message Transcription & History (English)
Send Text and Pictures
Direct Messaging to Individual Users
Set User Status
Customized Channel and User Names
Two Channels Plus Broadcast Channel
Up to 20 Users
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Online Exclusive: Complimentary Pair Of AirFlo Micro Walkie Talkies
Available to only the first 50 free trials sign ups. The AirFlo Micro Walkie Talkie Add-On gives you PTT capabilities without touching your phone screen. Perfect for keeping eyes on the road or on the job.
AirFlo Micro Walkie Talkie Accessory:
Direct message PTT shortcut
Push-to-talk (PTT) without touching your phone
Includes earpiece
Dual microphones for clear voice
Bluetooth Low Energy delivers 40 hours standby and 5 hours talking time
Lightweight (25g) and compact (less than 4 inches / 10cm long)
OFLO PRO is just $3.99/month. Reliable, secure, and easy to set up.
  • - Up to 5 Users
  • - 1 Channel
  • - 7 Days Message History
  • - Transcription (English)
Per User Per Month
  • - Up to 20 Users
  • - 2 Channels
  • - 1 Broadcast Channel
  • - 30 Days Message History
Per User Per Month
  • - No User Limit
  • - No Channel Limit
  • - No Broadcast Channel Limit
  • - 90 Days Message History
  • - Message Data Visualization
  • - Real Time Location Tracking
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  • For large teams seeking tailored training and on-site support
Add On
SOS / Request Assistance Alert
US$2.00 per user per month
AirFlo Micro Walkie Talkie Accessory
Special First Sign Up Offer:
US$19.99 per accessory
(Originally US$49.99) (with min. 6 month subscription)
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Terms & Conditions
OFLO (“the Service”) is offering a 30 day free trial subscription (“Trial Subscription”) to its OFLO Pro service. The following terms apply to this free trial offer, and by signing up for the Trial Subscription you agree to these terms: 1. The 30 day Trial Subscription period is activated when we send the login credentials to the trial administrator. 2. We reserve the right to modify, cancel and limit any promotion or offer, including the right to refuse providing offers and/or promotions to particular individuals or organisations. 3. Due to the variation among Android phones we can not guarantee compatibility of the OFLO Mobile App or the AirFlo Micro Walkie Talkie Accessory with your Android devices. Where possible we will provide guide 4. OFLO Web services are optimized for the Google Chrome browser. We can not guarantee performance of OFLO Web on other browsers. 5. Except for the fact that all subscription fees are waived during the Trial Subscription, OFLO’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy shall apply in full to the Trial Subscription and any subsequent OFLO subscription periods.
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