Double – oflo
Double - 2 OFLO

Double - 2 OFLO

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Available Packages: Solo | Double | Squad | Team
Limited super early backer double for $198. Save $200 (Retail Price $398)

Worldwide free shipping (shipped after crowdfunding)

- 2 OFLO controller (Black)
- 2 Charging cables

Estimated delivery
Feb 2022

Risk and Challenges

Your pre-order on this page will automatically be added to OFLO’s Kickstarter campaign upon launch. We're confident that you will love OFLO, but if for any reason you have changed your mind, we will offer a full refund to your pledge before the crowdfunding campaign ends. OFLO comes with a full 1-year warranty. Each OFLO will be comprehensively tested. In the unlikely event that a unit stops working, we will replace the unit at no cost. If you have any questions, concerns or feedback, you can reach us at
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