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The Hari Hotel Hong Kong - elevating service efficiency throughout the guest journey with modernized Push-To-Talk


Newly opened boutique hotel, The Hari Hong Kong,  sought an instant walkie-talkie type of communications solution, but without screen based devices that are disruptive to guest facing roles and avoiding bulky, outdated walkie talkies devices. 


 All teams, including Guest Experience, Concierge, Security, F&B, Housekeeping and Engineering, have adopted OFLO as a replacement for traditional walkie-talkies.

Each staff member’s assigned mobile device is equipped with the OFLO App and a discrete hands free device that connects them to OFLO’s cloud-base two-way push-to-talk system. With a simple and discreet button press, staff can communicate instantly to accomplish tasks such as VIP name passing and anticipating guest needs in and out of the hotel.

Unlike existing push-to-talk solutions, OFLO’s advanced team channel setup enables each team to operate in their own channels, ensuring only the most relevant messages occupy their attention.  Meanwhile, supervisors can maintain situational awareness via an overarching broadcast channel that also allows them to announce VIP arrivals or coordinate emergencies. To further support efficient coordination, supervisors can set up ad-hoc groups such as “Rooms” and place relevant staff members into the channel.

How OFLO helped

The light and compact OFLO device provides a modern twist to both image and operations. The advance channel setup has built new instant communication channels that was not possible before reducing bottlenecks to disseminate tasks through traditional hierarchical team structure. 

About The Hari Hong Kong

The Harilela Group Established in 1959, alliances with The Intercontinental Hotels Group, Hyatt Hotels Corp., Artyzen Hospitality Group and Onyx Hospitality Group. The Group recently launched “The Hari” brand with its first flag planted in London with the reopening of The Hari London in Belgravia and now in Hong Kong.

About OFLO by Origami Labs

Origami Labs specializes in voice communications solutions based on the belief that all businesses can enjoy simple and efficient team collaboration. We’re redefining how teams of all sizes communicate, beyond digital screens. OFLO, is a simple-to-use, configurable, and highly scalable push-to-talk private network for teams.  OFLO is the first step towards the achieving the goal of universal technology accessibility that empowers the underserved and underequipped.  

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