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The Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong Reveals Innovative Push-to-Talk Solution to Enhance Seamless Guest Experience

The Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong revealed an innovative push-to-talk team communication service to enhance operations in the acclaimed The Lobby restaurant. Designed by Origami Labs, the service links together the entire service team with discreet instant voice communications, enabling staff to deliver a more seamless guest experience.

In collaboration with Kaleidoscope Laban incubation programme launched by The Peninsula Hotels to nurture innovative solutions to enhance operational and service excellenceOrigami Labs conducted pilot programs in both Hong Kong and Bangkok properties.  Built on hundreds of hours of live testing and staff interviews, Origami Labs has created OFLO™, an industry-leading, smart walkie talkie solution that anticipates the way guest expectations are changing.

The solution aims to merge the best of tradition with technological innovation with a discreet wearable device that connects to OFLO’s cloud based push-to-talk system. With this new tool for instantly coordinating activities, The Lobby staff have reduced walking time, shortened service times, and raised situational awareness and service responsiveness.

The OFLO solutions suite is configured to guard staff from unnecessary distractions. Through a flexible team channel configuration, different groups of staff can communicate in their own channel to ensure that only the most relevant conversations are broadcast to the entire team.  Additionally, via the OFLO Mobile App, OFLO has replaced the use of walkie-talkies to connect back office reservations with the restaurant receptionist.

About The Peninsula Hotels

The Peninsula Hotels’ unique blend of the best of Eastern and Western hospitality started at the flagship hotel The Peninsula Hong Kong in 1928. The group is dedicated to providing luxurious comfort, modern facilities and intuitive technology combined with exceptional personalized service.

About OFLO by Origami Labs

Origami Labs specialises in voice communications solutions based on the belief that all businesses can enjoy simple and efficient team collaboration. We’re redefining how teams of all sizes communicate, beyond digital screens. OFLO, is a simple-to-use, configurable, and highly scalable push-to-talk private network for teams.  OFLO is the first step towards the achieving the goal of universal technology accessibility that empowers the underserved and underequipped.  

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