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Which OFLO is for my team?

Interested in OFLO but not sure which device fits your team?

You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll walk you through our device and app offerings and help you choose the right one for your team. 

Before we suggest what tools may work for you, consider the role, team, and environment that you are in. One of the features that distinguish us from the crowd is this: we provide a variety of devices, while bringing everyone online into one unifying platform—no more difficulty in reaching other teams and reducing existing communication bottlenecks. 

Now, let’s first answer some of the essential questions. Is your team guest-facing? Are they always walking around the property or mostly stationed in one place? Do they work in a quiet environment? Are they often indoor or outdoor? Will your property have access to WiFi at all locations? How long is the average shift?

With these questions in mind, you can consider the benefits of each device offered. Ranging from a wireless mini-computer to a desktop application and everything in between - OFLO allows you to choose any combination of devices to access its platform, whichever way serves your team best. 

For the guest-facing teams

If your team is built to create the most valuable experience for guestsOFLO’s wireless options are made for you. We recommend a controller and headset combination, our most discreet device set made of a mini-computer and open-ear headset that serves those who are often around guests and need to be able to listen to the environment continually.

But if shift length and overtime comfort is your primary concern, our partial wireless device might be an even better option. Connecting to an Android phone that you can keep in your pocket, its subtle button and headset connection is our lightest and most comfortable combination, while still very discreet in front of the guest. 

For the mobile team

Security, maintenance, and hospitality teams who are often on their feet and are in distant ranges from each other would benefit from OFLO’s wired and phone pair. Quickly stashed phone in the back pocket combined with a sleek wired headset and button, this version takes only one minute to set up for whole day wear.

Supported by 4G, this set allows unlimited coverage and maximum connection even in the hidden parts of the property that may not be covered by WiFi. Plus, OFLO can monitor your whereabouts with its location feature and capture messages in real-time in the case of disputes. Stay safe and connected even when you are out and about alone. 

For the stationed team

Managers who seek to create the most efficient, effective operations for their teams, can monitor and connect to the frontline using OFLO’s app, accessible via phone or desktop browser. Managers can gain the most access to the solution through our desktop services - sending scheduled broadcasts, reviewing insights, or managing channels, and send messages via text (in addition to voice), in case your office is quiet. 

For other back-office teams like customer service or operations, the OFLO app on the phone simply works best. No need for any additional accessories or devices, monitor everything, and speak to other teams just using the app. 

One last thing, OFLO’s phone app works on most Android devices, so you can use your existing duty phone to do more! 

Want to start using OFLO for your team soon? 

Chat with us to schedule a demo. We’ll help identify your business needs and offer insights and recommendations for your adoption. Available at no upfront cost.