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Getting Started
OFLO provides 2 types of channels, which are the Channels and Team-Wide Broadcast Channel.

Being in a Channel allows you to communicate with users in your respective Channel, while being in the Team-Wide Broadcast Channel allows you to listen-in and communicate with users in all Channels.

Begin by selecting the Channel you want to be in. The Channel that you are currently in will be shown on the bottom left corner of the screen. Drag upwards to select other channels:
OFLO’s instant PTT function allows you to communicate with voice messaging in real time anywhere, anytime. Simply press on the round button on the screen and speak away!
In the case where speaking out loud is not preferred, OFLO’s In-chat Typing function allows you to type your message which will then be read aloud to users in your channel. Click into the chatroom and type what you want to say!
“A picture speaks a thousand words!” OFLO’s Photo-Sharing function gives you the option to send photos to users in your channel. Just click into the chatroom, quickly snap a photo or choose a picture from your photo album and send away!
Do not worry if you missed an instant voice message or two – OFLO has every message not only saved but also transcribed, which allows you to playback message audios or review their transcriptions! Click into the chatroom and find every message that has been sent in the channel.
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